At Curious Projects, we can animate anything! From Television commercials and social media videos, 3D animation to motion graphics, we’ve got you covered. For over 20 years we have been making fun and engaging animation for your clients to promote their brands online, television, theatre, point-of-sale advertising and more.

Animation for TV Commercials & Social Media Campaigns

Curious Projects is a full-service animation studio. Our most successful service for the past 15 years has been our animated TV commercials and social media ads. With over 100 commercials produced and aired on CTV, CBC, Rogers Media, A-Channel, CKWS, Shaw, YouTube and Facebook, we can create an energetic and memorable commercial for your product and services. Ensure your advertising dollars are well spent by having an animated commerical made that viewers will act on. With beautiful visual, a clear strong message and powerful call to action, our commercials work.

Whether you are advertising online, local or national television, we can help with professional design and animation services, voice-over, clearance approval and delivery. Ask us how.

LOGO – Facebook teasers – TV & Social Commercials – Motion Advertising

3D Product Design & Animation

3D animation is the perfect medium to use for product advertising, funding presentations, kick starter videos, TV and Social media commercials and more. 3D animation is a cost-effective way to promote your product or concepts. Using animation, you can accurately show the inside working of your product, or present a concept product without the overhead of producing a prototype.

3D product animation is also an amazing way to enhance your social media campaigns with animated ads that are sure to be noticed.

Past industries that we have worked with include:

  • Jewellers
  • Ministry of Agriculture – Canada
  • Graphene Science and Research
  • Electronic Manufacturers
3D Product-Watch

Character Design

Our 3D character design and animation services are perfect for bringing to life your companies mascots. Over the years we have worked with many clients and marketing agencies to design 3D characters for television, websites, print campaigns, packaging and more. 3D characters are fun and family friendly, and help tell a story.

3d Characters from animated series

Characters from “Trent The Racing Turtle” – used by permission from the author.

Rhino 3D Character